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11th International Workshop on Co-Infection HIV and Hepatitis: Best Poster Presentation 2015

Congratulations are once again in order for Dr. Brian Conway and the VIDC Team!

Dr. Brian Conway MD FRCPC with a huge smile as he accepts the award for Best Poster Presentation 2015. Congratulations, Dr. Cownay!

At the 11th International Workshop on Co-Infection HIV and Hepatits in London last June 11-12, Dr. Conway was presented with the Best Poster Presentation 2015 Award. He presented a total of three (3) posters for the three abstracts submitted for the conference. The winning poster was for Correlates of successful HCV treatment in HIV co-infected vulnerable populations. 

abstract book cover
Reviews in Antiviral Therapy Infectious Diseases 6 2015 Abstract Book

Two of the abstracts — including the one with the winning poster — relates to VIDC’s work with the Downtown East Side community (Correlates of successful HCV treatment in HIV co-infected vulnerable populations and Cascade of Care of HIV/HCV Co-infected Patients on the Downtown East Side of Vancouver). The third is focused on treatments and medications concerning co-infected patients (Changes in antiretroviral therapy while on HCV treatment in HIV/HCV co-infected patients). These abstracts can be accessed through clicking on this link or the photo of the cover of the abstract book.

As a research and medical clinic, VIDC boasts of providing holistic care both directly and indirectly to the community. Through our community engagement initiatives such as VIDC Connect, HCV Treatment Support Group, DTES Pop-Up Clinics, etc., and the high standard of care we provide, VIDC is able to carry out its commitment to holistic care directly. Consequently, through the research work we do, we are impacting the community by creating spaces for dialogue within the academe and policy-making spheres informed by our direct involvement with the community.

The award-winning poster on display in one of our waiting areas.



Ministerial Advisory Council on the Federal Initiative to Address HIV/AIDS in Canada

Congratulations to our President and Medical Director, Dr. Brian Conway, for being reappointed as the co-chair for the Ministerial Advisory Council on the Federal Initiative to Address HIV/AIDS in Canada (MAC-FI)!

Ministerial Advisory Council on the Federal Initiative to Address HIV/AIDS in Canada at their first meeting for the year last June 15, 2015.
mac fi 2
From left to right back row: Dr. Jacqueline Gahagan, Dr. Curtis Cooper, Ciro Panessa, Dr. Gerry Mugford, Kenneth Monteith (Co-Chair), Denise Thomas. Front Row: Dr. Brian Conway, Rodney Rousseau, and the Hon. Rona Ambrose.

“It is my great honor to be reappointed as Co-Chairman. With our expanded mandate dealing with HIV, hepatitis C, and related health factors, it is more important than ever to be able to advise the Minister of Health on issues that affect more and more Canadians. It will be a privilege to be able to continue to do so over the next three years. ” Dr. Brian Conway

You can read more about it (en français) from the Fédération des francophones de la Colombie-Britannique blog here.

Community Spotlight: Suzan Krieger

The biggest lesson I learned is that for me to see treatment through, it requires a team that includes doctors, specialists, nurses, receptionists, cohorts, family and friends. And of course, a dog named Charlie.   – Suzan Krieger

cover96_thumbnailThis month’s Community Spotlight features one of VIDC’s beloved friends: Suzan Krieger. Specifically, it’s about her article on the May-June edition of Positive Living Magazine entitled Hepatitis and Depression: A Personal Take. 

Suzan is one of those courageous individuals who successfully overcame the disease and illness and wrote about it. Her article recounts her journey from when she was diagnosed to her full recovery.

Suzan’s journey is far from pleasant, her diagnosis came as a shock that led to depression, the treatment she first received felt like it would kill her before it cures her, and the medical community seemed absent in all of this. After enduring all that, she resigned to letting the virus stay and live with it.

Fortunately, that’s not where her story ends,

A few years later, I went to a workshop put on by Positive Living BC that featured Dr. Brian Conway, the medical director of the Vancouver Infectious Diseases Centre (VIDC) and a Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal honoree. At the close of the workshop, I spoke with Dr. Conway and explained how I had tried and felt I had lost on my treatment. He gave me his card and with a confident voice said, “I can help.”

Suzan met Dr. Conway and got introduced to VIDC and our commitment to holistic care.

We’ve written about this commitment a couple of times in this blog (here and here), and yet Suzan’s description of the help she received at VIDC deserves its own post.

The VIDC uses open discussion about feelings—treating one with respect and dignity and providing stellar medical care in as comfortable a surrounding as possible. The team’s approach can be thought of as holistic medicine (a form of healing that considers the whole person)—body, mind, spirit, and emotions—in the quest for optimal health and wellness.

It’s one thing for a medical clinic to describe what it aims to do, it’s a whole other thing if an individual who receive that care describes it. Suzan outlines in her piece what role Dr. Conway played in her treatment. Dr-Brian-Conway-Vancouver-VIDC-226x300

Dr. Conway helped me find Dr. Patricia Howitt, who is now my primary physician ... [Dr.Conway] met with me and explained my new treatment and, week by week, he kept my spirits up and encouraged me that this treatment—this time—would work.

Our HCV Clinical Research Nurse, Shawn Sharma RN also got a special mention,

Shawn at STRUT 2015 [Photo Credit: Brad McIntyre]
Shawn Sharma, a registered nurse, set up a conference call with Gilead and my healthcare insurance company, clearing the way for treatment with the new drug, Sovaldi (sofosbuvir) and ribavirin. The cost of the combination treatment is around $93,000 per year. Sharma also started me on a vitamin program and made himself available to me throughout the three-month treatment program.

However, VIDC isn’t just a two-man team, and Suzan saw that in action too.

The VIDC did everything from blood testing to ultrasound scans. ... VIDC’s waiting room is a wonderful, chaotic haven filled with patients waiting for their turn to be cared for. The staff provides TV, coffee, snacks, information, and support for the waiting room folk.

The reason we keep emphasizing the need and the importance of a holistic approach is precisely because of people like Suzan. Individuals who stuck with us and give us that pat on the shoulder and says “You’re doing a great job, keep it up.” Awards, acclaims, and recognition from anywhere can never compare to a simple heartfelt thank you from people whose lives you’ve touched and changed.

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Looking at her today, you would never have guessed how harsh her treatment journey has been!

Suzan, thank you for letting VIDC be a part of your journey and for being such a great example to others!

If you want to read Suzan’s full article (WHY WOULDN’T YOU?) click here!