What is VIDC Connect?

We take multidisciplinary to another level!

VIDC Connect is a community engagement initiative that stems from our mission:

Through innovative models of intervention, VIDC (Vancouver Infectious Diseases Centre) particularly seeks to engage more vulnerable patients in a multi-disciplinary environment of health care. We provide peer-friendly education about disease, state-of-the-art antiviral medications (often available only within research protocols), and comprehensive support during and after treatment within an open, flexible, and community-based holistic approach. Services are provided in English and French.


Basically? This is for YOU – for us to be able to connect with you and deliver our community-based holistic approach through a new medium: the internet!

This blog will be filled with anything and everything that we believe will be beneficial to your journey to health and wellness – news about treatments for HIV/AIDS and HCV, announcement about upcoming VIDC events, reviews and summaries of journal articles, tips and tricks on living healthy, and whatever else YOU would want to hear.

Check out our Contact Us page to get in touch with us!

To stay updated and connected, please visit our Subscribe to our mailing list! page and sign up for monthly updates sent directly to your email.

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