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World Hepatitis Day Event Vancouver 2015

Event programme for the WHD Event

July 28, 2015 is the official World Hepatitis Day 2015. As such, the British Columbia Centre for Disease Control (BCCDC) organized the World Hepatitis Day Event for Vancouver on the that day at the Creekside Community Recreation Center.

Various organizations came together at the event to bring awareness to the threats of hepatitis and the advances we have made against them. There were also guest speakers lined up for the day, from patients who have lived with hepatitis, to health care professionals discussing the advancements made to combat the disease.

And, of course, VIDC had to be there! As part of our commitment to a community-based holistic approach to treatment, being at the World Hepatitis Day event is our way of engaging and learning from the community.

Pictures speak louder than words! Check out the photos below to find out how else was VIDC involved at the event.

VIDC Information Booth
We also had our Community Pop-Up Clinic(CPC), with the support of the First Nations Health Authority, set up! You might remember Brian from when we did Liver Screening at the Gathering Wisdom event.
Our staff physician, Dr. Alexandra King, also gave a talk at the event bringing awareness to the importance of access to testing for HCV — especially for the indigenous community.
One of our long-term patients, Brody Williams, sharing his experiences with hepatitis C — from the struggles of gaining access to treatment, to the success story of how he has battled the disease.
Elder Sharon Jinkreson Bass, Brody Williams, and Dr. Alexandra King also unveiled the Hepatitis C Water Journey Blanket. An homage to the AIDS memorial quilt.

It is through events like these that communities are brought together to teach and learn from each other. And it is through these events that allies are brought together to fight towards a common goal: health and wellness.

To see more photos, check out the HepC BC’s post on World Hepatitis Day Vancouver 2015.

Come Join Us for World Hepatitis Day

World Hep Day Flyer

The poster says it all! Come join us on July 31 (Friday) for a special Support Group session to mark World Hepatitis Day 2015.

July 28 is the official World Hepatitis Day when all around the world health care professional and organizations join together in bringing awareness to the dangers of this virus.


With 400 million infected, and 4,000 people dying everyday of the virus, we need a lot more work in getting awareness and education about the virus out there.

WHD Events Page
Our VIDC event on the World Hepatitis Day 2015 Events Page. Click on the photo to see what other events are happening worldwide!

To find out more about World Hepatitis Day 2015, click here. On their website, they have toolkits and materials you can use to spread the world locally. Infographics and posters are readily available for download — in various languages too. There is a lot you can do on their website, from posting a photo of yourself to show solidarity, to browsing events you can be part of worldwide!